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Project 04


Client: BlackRock

Title: Global Allocation Fund

Challenged by BlackRock with a divestment problem in one of their key funds, the BlackRock Global Allocation fund, this was a first foray into creating a data driven animated video as a targeted sales tool.

Forging a team that worked externally to synthesize with BlackRock stakeholders, a story was crafted, their brand voice was extended into video, and original music was commissioned.

With a primary audience of Certified Financial Planners, and a spillover into general investors, the video was deployed at live events, social media, and BlackRock's website.

And to great success.

Senior leadership at BlackRock credited the video as being instrumental in an $800M net positive investment in the fund within three months of its release.

Distribution: Digital (paid, owned, earned, live events)

BLACKROCK / Global Allocation Fund

BLACKROCK / Global Allocation Fund

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