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Project 02


Client: Cantor Arts Center / Stanford University

Title: CONTACT WARHOL Interactive

For Contact Warhol, Adam imagined a custom Web Application and assembled a talented team to create a dynamic interactive touchscreen experience.

The 55" touchscreen allowed visitors access to more than 3600 individual photographs (many never displayed publicly before) from contact sheets created during the last 10 years of Andy Warhol’s life.


Additionally, the installation included a large overhead double sided projection of the touchscreen in the gallery, enhancing a kinetic spectacle other gallery visitors could view.

At the project's commencement, Adam wrote a mission statement that guided the creative process, and has since been used to contextualize the project in lectures delivered internationally by the show's curators.

Interactive mission:

For Contact Warhol, the interactive exploratory experience is founded on the concept of the urban grid—New York—where most of Warhol’s photographs from this time were captured.


The contact sheets are arranged in a grid, and experienced on a touchscreen display using deep zoom technology. Deep zoom is similar technology that is used in Google maps for example.


By starting with the urban grid, and providing users the ability to start an exploration from a distant, omniscient point-of-view, we attempted to bridge contemporary points of view (drone photography) and the intimacy of Warhol’s world (studio and vernacular), providing gallery explorers the ability to scale the range from universe to detail.


We hope it echoes Warhol’s access to the sublime and the ordinary in his world.

Part beacon, part instruction, an idle state (when no interaction occurs for a prescribed time)  video was created for the installation, and played on a loop. Please see the silent Attract/Demo video below.

All images copyright © The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

Distribution: Gallery Installation

CONTACT WARHOL / Stanford University / Cantor Gallery / Interactive / Attract / Demo

CONTACT WARHOL / Stanford University / Cantor Gallery / Interactive / Attract / Demo

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